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Testimonials: Gill Love Gill Love: I rented 9 Felix Street from Richards my sophomore and junior years at CofC. My friends and I had a great experience! Richards was a responsive landlord and took care of any issues we had with the house. He was always straightforward with us and treated us fairly. I would gladly recommend renting from Richards to anyone. Matt Flynn Matt Flynn: I was lucky enough to rent from Richards my last three years in college. Richards worked with us every time we were in need and took care of any problems expeditiously and graciously. He always did what he said he was going to do, when he said he was going to do it and treated us fairly. Many of his properties border on legendary status and the mystique continues to build every semester. We lived in a corner house at 60 Morris Street (known around town as 'Sixty') and created many of our best college memories there! Honestly, the residence and everything related to it defined my college career. Richards encouraged us to have fun as long as we were responsible. All of those things were a formula for the best days (and nights) at Cofc. Lindsay Froncek Lindsay Froncek: I lived at 60 Morris Street my senior year after getting to know the property through friends of mine that lived there previously. I had a great experience! Richards maintained the property well and took care of any problems we had. I always found Richards to be honest and fair and he always did what he said he would. I would recommend renting any property of his. Andrew Shaw Andrew Shaw: Of my seven landlords in Charleston, Richards is hands down the best in all aspects. He is honest, straightforward, and does everything he says he will do. Richards is also very understanding and is willing to work in areas that most other landlords wouldn't even consider. He is also very appreciative of good tenants, even to go as far as having an occasional 'tenant appreciation' function. Sammy Beyda Sammy Beyda: I lived in 9 Felix Street during my Junior and Senior years of college. My friends and I had a lot of fun there, and shared lots of good memories. The house was a great design for living and we were very comfortable during our two years there. Richards always took care of any items that needed attention and he was always fair to us. I would happily recommend his properties. Seth Moul (Left) Seth Moul: The quality of life in Charleston, SC is as good as it gets. I spent 4 years living in this city and I enjoyed every moment of it. I spent the two years leading up to graduation in 60 Morris and had an amazing experience. Everyone knew the property as one of the best places to get together with friends and have a good time. The landlord of the property, Richards Gregory, was extremely helpful and supportive to our household to make sure we were having the best possible Charleston experience. He was more than just our landlord, he was our friend. Everyone in the house loved when Richards would come by with his dog Zoe. The memories and stories go on and on, but in summary, if you want to experience Charleston to the fullest, I recommend you check out the properties of Richards Gregory's. Adam Hofmeister (Center) Adam Hofmeister: 60 Morris Street is by far one of the absolute best options a college student has in Charleston. I lived at '60' for a year and a half during my junior and senior years at the College of Charleston. The close proximity to Upper King Street along with the short walk to campus makes this the ideal spot to call home. Four bedrooms? Check. Three and a half bathrooms? Check. Driveway to park two cars? Check. Two outdoor porches? Check. Custom built bar? Check. On top of all of this, Richards is super attentive and a great person to get to know. Join the short list of alumni that have lived at 60 Morris and forever have your name associated with one of the greatest homes in Charleston. Richards Gregory, Owner